Issue 4 | Late April 2020 | xoxo Mylo

Dear Friends- We love you! Thank you for supporting our Small Business throughout these difficult times. We wanted to let you know that we virtually hug you in these uncertain times. Mother's Day was an amazing turnout! We loved seeing everyone's social posts with our Tag. 

We also participated with local small business giveaways and it was ecstatic to see happen. We truly enjoyed reading the stories shared with us. Thank you! 

We can't wait for Father's day- We will keep you posted. 

Update From Mylo |

I can't say and send enough "Thank yous" for everyone's support. We are holding and turning this time into a productive movement of creativity. We can't wait to share with you, what COVID19 situation made us do, xoxo Mylo 

This was our amazing Mother's Day Promotion Layout Created by our own Graphic Layout Artist Designer, Jordan Ascanio with @ascaniodesigns. Who just graduated with her B.A. from UNLV, CONGRATS!!!! Simply Beautiful. 

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